Bio Energy

           Bio Energy is a renewable energy source created from natural, biological sources.

KM Forestry produces approximately 80 000 MWH. Main source of material comes from timber production leftovers. We are interested to buy all kinds of chipping materials from all Latvia. KM Forestry also offers chipping and transportation services.

Fields cleaning

Our company helps land owners to get back land in good shape by cutting bushes and trees in areas which have been forgotten for forestry or agriculture use

We offer wide services for land owners - starting from bush cutting, finishing with soil preparation and ditch digging.

Chipping material purchases by road

KM Forestry purchases all kinds of chipping material in all Latvia regions. We are also interested to make long term contracts with chipping material owners.

Chipping services

Chipping process to develop the material.

Container and loose cargo transportation services

Ships transport to local power plants

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Kārlis Dišlers


+371 28001113


Apši, Laucienes pagasts, Latvija,

 LV - 3285


Santa Dišlere

+371 29100623


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