Forest Management

Growth, transparency and responsiveness are our keywords.

We currently manage 3 000 ha and have conveyed over 6 500 ha in terms of swaps and purchases. KM Forestry, with both Latvian and Swedish competence, can offer you a professional management of forest and agricultural properties. As one of the most important tools for this, we use PCskog, which means we can offer you all forest information in Swedish. This makes us unique in Latvia. 

Growth: The potential in Latvia is high. It is important to determine the correct measure and perform it in time for the best return in the short and long term.

Transparency: The owner of the forest must understand and be updated before and after the action taken in an easy-to-understand manner. The owner of the forest should not be able to know Latvian language. We know the language.

Responsibility: We listen to what the landowner has for purpose with his ownership and adjusts for care.

We offer:

  • A forestry plan in PCskog

  • Long term planning and advice, forestry and econimc

  • Short and long term care

  • Clear reporting in English and Swedish

  • Valuation, purchase and sale

  • Authority contacts

  • Forest certification

Your administrator in Latvia

Magnus Hakeman

Magnus owns 350 ha of forest in Latvia. He know the country well after 10 years experience.


+371 28001113


Apši, Laucienes pagasts, Latvija,

 LV - 3285


Santa Dišlere

+371 29100623


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